Serviceware HR Service Software

Serviceware HR Service Software

Your asset as an employer


Improve employee management with Serviceware for HR

“How exactly does company pension work?”, “Can I do the same training that my colleague had recently?”, “Where can I find the new form for the holiday application?” –  HR service has to manage numerous requests every day. Serviceware allows for fast and reliable responses. That way your company can distinguish itself as an excellent employer in front of employees and applicants. At the same time you ease the burden on your highly qualified HR workers and thereby reduce costs.


Certified HR service management software for your HR department

Serviceware is the first Serview certified tool beyond IT

Serview awards PMCS.helpLine Software Group as the first vendor in the sector of HR service software with their certificate “Serview Certified Tool.”

Serviceware HR software helps you with centralized processes of HR service

Personnel service processes
Employee lifecycle
Applicant management
Talent management
Executives service


Your benefits with Serviceware in HR

Optimize your workflow for more efficiency and minimal service costs

Your HR employees have to manage the same topics and questions again and again. Serviceware can help them save time via standardized processes. For example, when a new employee joins the company all necessary preperations – from setting up the workspace to issuing a keycard for the cafeteria – can be put into motion with just one click. Intuitive operability and access to all kinds of information allow for fast processing of Servicedesk requests.

Impress your employees with fast and accurate feedback

The needs that employees and management have for HR are easy to spell out: fast, qualified, accurate, and consistent information. Serviceware will help you meet that demand: software-controlled processes accelerate service; templates and knowledge databases help with correct processing. Last but not least: colleagues can inform themselves about their requests and other topics via the employee portal. Furthermore, employees will see HR as a dependable partner on their side. A definite asset for your company when competing for the greatest talents.

Create transparency regarding services and costs

The effort that goes into the many tiny tasks in HR often go understated. Serviceware lets you evaluate all services, enabling you to actively report on the workload and the accomplishments of your department. Thanks to target-group-specific reporting you can inform management as well as your customers, the employees, based on their individual interests – e.g on the workload of specific teams or the processing of single requests. Transparent service level agreements (SLAs) and escalation mechanisms offer reliabilty to the employees and raise trust in HR as an efficient business partner.

Increase the utility of existing systems

Good service means well-informed service. That is why Serviceware provides all necessary data for your service employees, no matter the technical system they are currently working with. All this begins with integrated communication: be it email, phone, or your web portal, Serviceware combines all available channels. Furthermore, HR employees can directly access information from various HR databases like SAP HR or Sage. Additionally, it is simple to integrate electronic personnel files or systems to create certificates. Thanks to these functions, Serviceware creates the basis for dependable responses while protecting prior investments into the growing system environment.

Actively bring your HR service to the front

You want to improve even further? You can identify many possibilities for improvement by evaluating your daily business with Serviceware: if there are a lot of requests from one department about a specific topic, you can offer an information workshop. You can also use surveys in Serviceware to help develop your future HR strategy, allowing you to regularly gather employee feedback and act upon it accordingly. This is HR service par excellence!

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