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Careware Field Service Software

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Fast ROI and satisfied customers

Why field service software is worth it

Careware field service software solves your main challenge in mobile service: the ideal allocation of spatially-distributed service orders to resources, taking into account a wide range of supporting conditions, such as competences or authorisations. You get to provide the best possible service to your customers while simultaneously increasing your efficiency.

Careware supports the entire field service process, all the way from the order to the invoice. This enables companies to save time and money during every step of their work. These recurring savings along the process chain quickly add up to large sums: the investment in Careware amortises within a short period. At the same time, the quality of your customer service increases.

Customer opinions about field service management with Careware

kunde pmcs helpLine

Philipp Powazka,
Wiener Wohnen

“Careware has been the perfect choice for us. The field service software comes as an online-based solution, it offers optimal web support, is workflow-based, contains a planning model and scores for design and clarity. The whole package is just right.”

Walter Bastiaenssens Picture

Walter Bastiaenssens,

“Our organisation would not be profitable without Careware. Each percentile of improvement saves us tens of thousands of Euros every year. Ultimately, we have been able to increase our productivity by more than 10% as a result of improving our processes and software use. That is a considerable figure.”

More productivity and faster ROI with field service software

How does Careware FSM help you achieve this?

Plan your customer service for optimal utilisation

Field service management at the push of a button

Careware allows you to generate optimal operational plans for your customer service at the push of a button, taking into account more than 20 individual optimisation parameters. This saves the dispatcher a lot of time. And what’s more: mobile service staff can be planned according to better, more efficient schedules.

  • Duty and shift schedules for mobile service, supported by cross-team planning functions
  • Automated route planning for field service with single and multi-route optimisation
  • Real-time planning grid for manual planning using drag-and-drop
  • Template function for reusing typical shift schedules or task lists
  • Skill management function for mobile service staff
  • Warnings when guidelines are breached (e.g. in the case of timeouts)
  • Emergency function for last-minute plan changes in the case of unexpected assignments

Perfectly integrate your field service

Careware field service app

Thanks to our service app, field service staff can access their tasks and relevant information on the road from one single source. Do you need to change the shift plan? No problem. With our app, your field service will be up to date in no time – route planning included.

  • Daily overview of all assignments with automatic updates in case of changes
  • Private messaging between service technicians and the head office
  • Provision of data and documents via the app to technicians handling service cases
  • Transmission of the customer address to a map application for navigation purposes
  • Access to customer telephone number and address directly via the app
  • Form-based service report for capturing services digitally
  • Integration of photos and videos for purposes of service documentation
  • Electronic capture of travel costs/time and other expenses
Accelerate your accounting!
Your service assignment just finished – and accounting already has the report

The Careware app pushes your mobile agents’ performance records directly to the head office. No time-consuming recording process, no trouble with accounting. Your CFO appreciates this. After all: a fast accounting cycle = more profit for your company. How does this work? It’s simple. Careware is a team player. It works with your accounting software.

  • Digital transmission of service records, including a paperless signature, directly from the app to the head office
  • Direct dispatch of the service records to the customer upon request
  • Automatic dispatch of field service employees’ service records to the head office
  • ERP connector for exchanging data with the ERP system (e.g. for transferring accounting data)
  • Team leader function for verifying working hours and registered activities
  • Management reporting

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