Serviceware Facility Management Software

Serviceware Facility Management Software

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Digitize your facility management with Serviceware

“The heating in my office doesn’t work properly.” “The floor in the entrance area is dirty. Something has to happen immediately!” – These are the kinds of queries and problems that a facility manager has to address in their professional work environment. Apart from the facilities and the price of a property, the question of the quality of the running building management is essential for users and owners of an object. Serviceware Facility Management software supports facility management processes and provides all of the information for optimal service.

Components of your facility management with Serviceware

Controlling of service queries and maintenance tasks
Field service app for on-site service
Inventory documentation

Case study: Serviceware at Europe’s biggest communal building management

Wiener Wohnen optimizes customer communication

Tenants of Wiener Wohnen report approximately 6500 cases of mold each year, be it joints in the bathtub or stains on the wall. In order to process and control this large number of queries more efficiently, the customer service of building physics uses Serviceware.

Read here how Wiener Wohnen digitizes their services with Serviceware!

This is how you work with Serviceware in facility management

Controlling of service requests and maintenance tasks

Serviceware Facility Management Software provides professional support for all maintenance processes and documents the services of facility management. The focus of facility management services is the processing of incident reports and assignments via facility management. Furthermore, Serviceware helps with the planning and controlling of preventive, continuous maintenance tasks.

Serviceware provides facility management with a comprehensive interface for filing and documenting all supervised assignments. Reports or customer orders can be filed in the system immediately via email or web and be processed from there. Each request, repair query, or maintenance task is listed in the system.  Information from the inventory database regarding the person reporting as well as the affected facilities can be linked to the ticket and is accessible during every step of the process. Regular maintenance and inspection tasks are forwarded to the responsible facility technician automatically at the right time. Order documentation can be created at the push of a button if necessary.

  • Templates: quick processing of standard tasks
  • Workflows: automatic controlling of maintenance processes
  • Overview: continuous status reports for all current tickets
  • Prevention: controlling of recurring maintenance routines

Field service app for on-site service

Thanks to Serviceware Field Management you can plan all necessary on-site assignments quickly and without hassle. With the Serviceware app your field employees are always involved and have access to all information that is relevant to their case. The integrated navigation guides them to the site as fast as possible. Service records are filed immediately via smart phone or tablet which eases the workload on technicians and lowers internal costs. Thanks to Serviceware’s simple operability and an intuitive interface, your technicians can access all required data as soon as they need it. Digital forms, measurement protocolls, and audits help to support your service and maintenance reports.

These aspects of field service can be documented via individually customizable forms:

  • Chargeable time on site
  • Working hours
  • Mileage
  • Additional costs
  • Signature of service recipient
  • Photos for damage documentation

Best of all, all files are securely saved in a centralized system.

The basis for dependable facility management: inventory management with Serviceware

All work processes of building management require up-to-date information on facilities and inventory. Completeness, precision, and correctness are integral criteria for data retention. Serviceware provides all information required by the facility manager in a comprehensive manner. With Serviceware you can manage all relevant details on property, buildings, floors, rooms, as well as technical facilities, devices, and furniture. Serviceware clearly displays a building’s hierarchy from different perspectives thereby enabling quick access to objects like technical facilities or properties like rooms and floors.

Not only do facility managers require an overview over buildings, facilities, and inventories, they also need to know who used them. That is why Serviceware allows for management of people and companies that use supervised facilities. Furthermore, Serviceware displays relations to suppliers. For example, the facility manager can assess the producer of certain devices or the provider of services that stand in direct relation to the object.

  • Convenient: Relocation of inventory and people via drag and drop
  • Clear overview: Overall structure of buildings is presented in an intuitive tree diagram
  • Export: Export inventory lists for further processing
  • Equipment history: Via the product catalog you can see and edit adjustments to the equipment as well as prior repair reports
  • Priorization: Important devices are prioritized in case of faults or incidents
  • Integration: Unproblematic integration of data in Serviceware
  • Flexible: Based on the standard solution, inventories can be individually adjusted as required

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