Serviceware Customer Service Software

Serviceware customer service software

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Positive customer service experiences improve your standing with customers as well as your market image. With Serviceware you can provide all-around successful customer service and thereby increase your profits.

Serviceware allows you to secure a continuous process chain in your customer management, ranging from receiving and analysing customer requests over on-site technician assignments all the way to the billing of services. Serviceware controls the support beyond the departmental and system limits and warns you in case of escalations. Evaluation tools can help you to systematically assess and utilize your customers’ feedback. That way you can keep your service promises to your customer and increase your company’s value generation at the same time.

Serviceware customer service software supports you throughout the entire service process

1. Assumption: Customers get into contact via several channels – integrate all of them into one customer service software

2. Assessment: Make all information centrally available in Serviceware

3. Processing: Automatic and correct redirection of cases via customer service software thereby saving time and increasing process quality

4. Supervision: Rely on clear standards for processing – Serviceware escalates if necessary

5. Evaluation: Analysis of documented customer feedback

    Customer interview: External customer satisfaction via internal service quality

    With Serviceware, SORTIMO improves the communication across departments

    The training & support department of Sortimo, a manufacturer of car equipment for service vehicles, assists the sales organization of their company. All sales inquiries end up there and need to be managed in a centralized manner. Therefore, the exchange with IT, construction, production, and quality management is of major importance.

    “The efficiency of the team and the quality of their work have significantly improved thanks to the best practice processes and the feedback has been almost exclusively positive”, Thoralf Lasczyk, Service Manager Export/Manager Training & Support, Sortimo explains.

    Read more in the customer interview with Thoralf Lasczyk.

    This is how Serviceware supports your customer service every step of the way

    Communication made easy

    Serviceware allows for uncomplicated communication between customers and service team. All requests – be it via mail, phone, email, homepage, or fax – are automatically assigned to the correct customer by Serviceware. Important data like contact, product, or warranty information are always accessible. If the customer is referencing a certain existing process, the service agent can immediately access said process, thereby allowing them to engage the customer safely and competently. That way, it is easy to make the customer feel comfortable and win their trust.

    Properly manage complaints

    A special Serviceware workflow controls all important processes of complaint management and allows for correct procedure – be it via mail, email, phone or web portal. The customer automatically receives a notification that the complaint has been registered. Then the system structures any consecutive steps like the complaint analysis or the gathering of solution suggestions from colleagues. You can offer the service agent a selection of possible solutions (e.g. vouchers, replacements, etc.). If needed, superiors and/or the legal department can be involved into the process via the Serviceware workflow.

    Consistent documentation

    With Serviceware you can document the entire customer communication in a centralized manner, independent of which service agent or which department is currentlsy responsible for their process. Regular status reports guarantee that the customer is always informed regarding the processing of his request. This way you allow for an efficient flow of information within your company while keeping a professional image towards your customer.

    Intelligent controlling

    Standardized processes are the core of strategic customer service management. Our experienced consultants create these processes in Serviceware based on your requirements. With the help of your Serviceware system you can guarantee that all of your customer requests are handled reliably and efficiently in accord with your individual guidelines. Serviceware automatically triggers the necessary actions or redirects tasks to responsible employees or groups. Of course, you can also use Serviceware to create premodelled texts or textblocks for customer letters that can be used e.g. for standardized response emails for different topics. That way you provide your employees with reviewed responses and can make sure that customer communication is consistent and legally sound. If several customer requests have the same cause, e.g. in case of a faulty product batch, you can easily combine these requests and manage them in a centralized manner. By systematically processing customer requests with Serviceware you save costs and allow for reliable process quality.

    Avoid escalations

    Everything is supposed to run smoothly in customer service. That is why you can set up escalation guidelines in Serviceware, e.g. maximum process times for requests or a certain kind of notification for important customers. In order to support these processes you have access to the service level management which offers various functions for planing, controlling, and supervising service agreements. Furthermore, you can configure flexible alarms and notifications to make sure your team adheres to agreed upon reaction and solution times, thereby avoiding customer complaints and unnecessary costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

    Analyze and improve

    By conducting strategic customer communication management you can gather valuable customer feedback. Serviceware allows for a the analysis and evaluation of that input, thereby giving you an overview over your customer relations at the push of a button, e.g. information on how many customers from a certain region had complaints about a specific product within the last month. Furthermore, this customer feedback is useful for the development of your service offering, because your customers know their wants and needs better than any market researcher thereby giving you valuable ideas for your own company.

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