Serviceware Case Study: MPREIS

Business Intelligence for more Purchasing Quality – With Serviceware the supermarket chain MPREIS transforms customer feedback into quality indicators

For being able to process the feedback of its 150,000 customers per day in a structured way and for making it measurable, the retailer MPREIS was looking for a powerful software. The company found it in Serviceware, the service management solution, covering also internal service requests about the technical equipment of markets and IT. The family business MPREIS is a company with tradition: Since 1920, its customers have been supplied with high-quality foodstuffs at attractive prices. Having started with a small food store in Innsbruck, it has grown to a considerable supermarket chain with 192 markets and 4,880 employees. In addition, MPREIS operates an own industrial bakery and a meat cutting firm as well as 146 Café/ Bistros under the brand ’’Baguette“. Every day, approximately 150,000 customers visit the markets of the Tyrolean family company. The company wanted to utilize the shopping experiences of all these customers for improving its quality and service. Therefore, MPREIS has started a company-wide IT project. Its objective: A reduction of response times to customer requests and an increasing benefit from learning effects based on a structured documentation of those requests.


The customer as a management matter

As part of an invitation to tender, the Tyroleans have decided in favour of the service management software Serviceware. The crucial factor was the workflow-based technology of the software and the chance related therewith to implement different processes within just one tool. Moreover, the workflow provides for the processing of requests following clearly defined sequences – no matter whether it is dealt with customer requests to MPREIS or whether MPREIS lodges a complaint against one of its suppliers or service providers. From the very beginning, Serviceware has not been the project of just a single department, but a company-wide initiative. The team consisted of employees of most different company divisions. The coordination was assumed by the central IT department. Doing so, it was possible to optimally use the comprehensive application spectrum of Serviceware. At the same time, the internal technical helpdesks of store construction, technology and IT have been implemented in Serviceware. Moreover, there was no question either about settling the customer service at management level.


10,000 range items under control

Serviceware has met the requirement to image a wide range of most different communication channels on one platform. The MPREIS customer is free to choose the communication channel he would like to use: A personal conversation with branch employees, calling the central service office, fax or letter to the customer service or utilization of modern channels such as the feedback form on the company’s website or info e-mail (, with the latter two channels automatically opening a process. Furthermore, every market is granted access to the system via the Serviceware portal integrated into the intranet. This enabled branch employees for the first time to register customer requests on the spot into the common contact management system.

To minimize the input effort, just the basis data that is essential for getting in contact with the customer is mandatory. All further information relevant for an evaluation is automatically added by Serviceware from the employee data imported daily from the company’s email system . This enables the immediate classification of processes according to the company units MPREIS or Baguette, the branch or even individual sub-divisions like cheese counter or cash register area. Independent of the input channel, Serviceware directs all requests to the customer service as electronic tickets, where the indepth analysis and the initiation of suitable measures take place. Since Serviceware also accesses the MPREIS range database, an unambiguous assignment of every customer request to the more than 10,000 items stocked and therewith also to the supplier is possible. ’’This enables us to react rapidly if required. At the same time, we provide the database for measuring the acceptance of our range and the quality of our suppliers“, explains Klotz, management assistant and responsible for customer service at MPREIS.

MPREIS Building

„Thanks to the correlation of customer service and article data in helpLine we provide the data basis for measuring the acceptance of our range and the quality of our suppliers.“

Martha Klotz Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH


Customer orientation in every area

To ensure clear responsibilities, the service team at MPREIS assigns tickets to individual employees. For this purpose, approximately 100 employees currently have access to Serviceware. At the final stage of expansion, their number will increase to 600: All store managers and the majority of responsible administration experts. ’’The large number of integrated colleagues provides for more customer orientation across all corporate divisions“, says the service manager with conviction. The modelling of complaint processes as a workflow enables the MPREIS customer service to create any number of individual processes from one request – for example if it is addressed to several areas or markets. So requests may be assigned to different store managers at the same time, but also to a combination of store managers and specialists, for instance in the purchasing department. The ticket remains active until completion of all individual processes. Should processing exceed the period promised for carrying out the solution, the process is highlighted in colours by the software.


Data evaluation in real-time

Using Serviceware, MPREIS has processed about 2,000 requests during the successful pilot phase. On completion, each one obtained a qualification as an individual or recurring incident as well as having an internal or external cause. Furthermore, the company measures the response times and the rate of requests solved to the customer’s satisfaction. For a specific analysis of own strengths and weaknesses, the ratio of praise and complaints to each other as well as the most frequent product requests are processed on a regular basis. As far as current data is concerned, MPREIS relies on the Serviceware DashBoard, representing figures and trends in real-time. For trend analyses, a third-party system accesses the information. ’’Since the introduction of Serviceware, the average response time has been reduced by ten per cent“, summarizes Klotz. ’’Our daily work is facilitated by the cross-company, uniform documentation of customer and branch requests enabled by Serviceware. Moreover, this provides the basis for evaluations in order to continuously improve our product and service quality.’’


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