MPREIS: Utilize customer feedback in retail

Supermarket chain MPREIS uses Serviceware to turn customer feedback into quality indicators

Retailer MPREIS was looking for a powerful software in order to systematically process and manage feedback of their 150000 daily customers. The company found their solution with the customer service management software Serviceware, which MPREIS also uses to manage service requests about the technical equipment of their stores.

The family business MPREIS is a traditional company: it has provided their customers with high quality groceries at affordable prices since 1920. Back then, it started as a tiny grocery store in Innsbruck, today it is a remarkable supermarket chain with 192 stores and 4880 employees. Additionally, MPREIS run their own industrial bakery, their own meat production facility, as well as 146 cafés and bistros under the brand “Baguette.” Each day the Tirol-based family business has around 150000 customers. The company wanted to use their customer feedback, i.e. the personal experiences of all of these people, to improve their quality and service. That is why they started a company-wide IT project. Their goal: reduce reaction times to customer requests and increase the utility of learning effects based on a structured feedback assessment.

Management takes care of customer issues

Based on a tender the Tirol company decided in favor of the service management software Serviceware. A key factor in this decision was the software’s workflow-based technology that allowed displaying varied processes in just one software. Furthermore, the workflows make sure that there are clearly defined procedures for request management – be it a customer request, customer feedback, or a complaint from MPREIS to one of their vendors. From the very beginning, Serviceware was not a single department’s responsibility but a company-wide initiative. The team was comprised of employees from various company divisions with the IT department leading the general coordination, which allowed for the optimal usage of Serviceware’s versatile capabilities. At the same time, the internal technical helpdesks of the shopfitting and technical departments were implemented in Serviceware. Finally, there was no doubt that customer service would remain the responsibility of management.


10000 line items under control

Serviceware succeeded in displaying a wide array of different communication channels in one platform. It is the customer’s choice, how to contact MPREIS if they want to leave customer feedback: personal conversation with an employee, a call to the service center, fax or mail to the customer service, or new online channels like the feedback form on their homepage or their email ( The two latter channels automatically create a ticket in the system. Furthermore, each store has access to the system via the Serviceware portal integrated into the company’s intranet. For the first time, employees can manage customer requests on-site in the joint contact management system. To facilitate filing, they only need to input the basic info necessary to get into contact with the customer. All further data relevant to the case is added automatically by Serviceware based on the employee data, that is imported from the email system on a daily basis. That way, processes are immediately categorized into their respective company sectors like “MPREIS” or “Baguette,” a specific store or even single subsectors like the cheese counter or the cash register. Independent of the specific channel, Serviceware automatically forwards all electronic tickets to the customer service. Here follows an in-depth analysis and the initiation of appropriate measures. Since Serviceware has access to MPREIS’ assortment database, all customer requests can be mapped to the over 10000 shop items and, by extension, to specific suppliers. “Thanks to that, we can act fast when we need to. At the same time, we create a data base that increases our assortment’s acceptance and allows us to measure the quality of our vendors,” Martha Klotz, Assistant Manager of MPREIS, explains.

Customer orientation in every sector

To make sure that responsibilities are set, tickets are mapped to specific persons by MPREIS‘ service team. That is why currently around 100 employees are filed as users in Serviceware. In the final stages, it will be 600: all store managers as well as a majority of line managers. “The involvement of so many colleagues leads to more customer orientation across all business areas”, Klotz says. Modelling complaint processes as workflows enables the MPREIS customer service to create numerous single processes from one request, e.g. if several division or stores are addressed. Therefore, requests can be mapped to different store managers simultaneously, or to a combination of store managers and specialists (e.g. in purchasing). The ticket will remain active until all individual processes are finished. If processing takes longer than the promised solution time, the software will highlight the process.

Real-time data evaluation

In its successful pilot stage, MPREIS used Serviceware to manage around 2000 requests. After completion, each of them was qualified either as an individual or recurring case with either an internal or an external cause. Furthermore, the company now calculates the reaction times and the quota of requests solved to the customer’s satisfaction. In order to properly analyze the service’s strengths and weaknesses, the ratio of praise to complaints as well as frequent product demands are regularly evaluated. For current data, MPREIS depends on the Serviceware DashBoard, which can visualize key numbers and trends in real-time. A third party system accesses the data for further trend analysis. “The average reaction time has been reduced by 10% since implementation”, Klotz summarizes. “Thanks to Serviceware we can document customer and store requests company-wide and in a consistent manner, which in turn facilitates our day to day work. Furthermore, it’s become the basis for our evaluations allowing us to continuously improve product and service quality.”


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