Interview with Sortimo: “External customer satisfaction via internal service quality”

We talked to Thoralf Lasczyk, Service Manager Export/Manager Training & Support, Sortimo

The training & support department of Sortimo, a manufacturer of car equipment for service vehicles, assists the sales organization of their company. All sales inquiries end up there and need to be managed in a centralized manner. Therefore, the exchange with IT, construction, production, and quality management is of major importance. Until recently, the team used a simple open source tool that did not allow for communication across departments. They needed a new solution to quickly and reliably relay product information to all 500 employees and partners involved in the sales processes.

How did you get the idea to introduce a service management solution?

In the past, we used a simple open source tool in our training & support department to process sales inquiries. However, the tool could not be customized to our needs and did not allow for cross-departmental communication. Since we cannot resolve all problems internally, the exchange with IT, construction, production and quality management is essential for us. Furthermore, there was no way to do incident management and there were no options for evaluation either. In the end, we developed our own support processes, but they were not compatible with the open source tool. That was the moment we knew that we needed a new solution.

How does Serviceware improve your services?

We needed a solution for the training & support department that allowed for optimal information of all employees involved in the sales process. The goal is to offer higher quality support to our customers. To that end, our team provides the sales department with answers regarding Sortimo’s products, their features, and their application. The pieces of car equipment for artisans and service employees used to safely and orderly transport tools and materials are always customer-specific solutions. That is why the sales department requires a wide array of information. Furthermore, we help our colleagues with managing claims. These are usually handled in the ERP system SAP, but the new solution should provide even more supporting processes, for example identifying a specific part in a claimed assembly.

What does today’s work with Serviceware look like?

When we were looking for a new tool, we came across the service management solution Serviceware, which we now use consistently. Sales inquiries are now managed by the support team as well as in other departments. Afterwards, problem solutions are sent back to the inquiring party via Serviceware. Thanks to the knowledge management, our employees can see which inquiries have already been answered but they can also create their own articles in the database. Additionally, our training & support department can now analyze the quality of service processes and the types of inquiries. The efficiency of the team and the quality of their work have significantly improved thanks to the best practice processes and the feedback has been almost exclusively positive.