helpLine Customer Interview with CURRENTA

ITSM at CHEMPARK manager and operator
We asked Manfred Jandke, Head of O&I IT applications, CURRENTA

Chempark overwiev

CURRENTA introduced a new solution for the IT service management (ITSM) in order to be able to quickly and professionally reply to service requests of employees. The operator of one of the largest chemical parks, the “Chempark” locations in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld implemented the pilot project in cooperation with the software manufacturer Serviceware in six business segments.


How is your IT service department arranged?

The central IT service area Organization and Information, abbreviated as O&I, with approximately 44 members, manages the IT services for around 3,300 employees at CURRENTA. At CURRENTA, there are four central IT departments as well as decentralized contact partners or teams for each business segment and the specific characteristics. In total, around 60 persons work in the IT field of CURRENTA.


Why did you introduce a new ITSM solution?

Up to now, we used a Lotus Notes application that was developed in-house. However, following the company-wide introduction of Outlook at CURRENTA, a new and in particular reliable ITSM solution was needed. Because one thing is clear, with more than 2,000 trainees and around 2,000 requests every month, we absolutely must be able to rely on a functional system. In order to map all service processes in a continuous and efficient manner with little effort, the decision was made to use the ITSM solution helpLine. The pilot project in the education sector went flawlessly. In the framework of a CURRENTA project, subsequently the sectors O&I, analytics, HR, asset management and SAP were integrated in the solution.


How does the helpLine solution help you provide better service?

With helpLine, we achieve better service quality and user satisfaction. In the process, malfunctions that involve a large number of employees have our top priority. This is for example the case when employees report that the Internet connection in the classroom has gone down. With helpLine, we solve such issues much more quickly and efficiently than before, because the software makes it possible for us to quickly and easily prioritize malfunctions. We are thrilled with the new dimension of transparency. Our entire team has an excellent overview of where problems primarily occur. An additional argument for the selection of helpLine was that the solution works in a web-based manner in order to solve problems immediately on-site.


How satisfied were you with the project management provided by helpLine?

The project was implemented with great commitment. Together with Serviceware, we set up a uniform process for the otherwise very different sectors. In spite of different specifications for corporate governance for IT and routing, we are able to set up a single central system for all. In particular, I liked that on the side of the service provider I had a project manager, as it were a counterpart to me, as my central contact partner. This saved me a great deal of time, because this manager translated all of my requirements for the consultants.


How is the user acceptance?

It is important to us that the employees view the solution as a company-internal system. For this reason, we requested that Serviceware designed the web portal in the CURRENTA layout. So far, we have only received positive feedback from the key actors in the business sectors and support units. This is also due to the fact that the requirements were implemented exactly as we had planned. Of course, for some employees the solution is still very new and they must first get used to the various options that it has in store.