helpLine 6.3 out now!

A service portal with responsive design, context-dependent inquiry forms for customers and upgraded news functions

21. Februar 2017 –Just on time for CeBIT, the Serviceware introduces the latest version of its IT service management solution, helpLine.

With helpLine 6.3, companies can offer even better service to their IT customers: faster, customer-friendlier and more efficient.


The highlights of helpLine 6.3 for your ITSM:  

  • customer service portal with a responsive design
    The new design automatically adapts to the device with which it is accessed, i.e. it reacts to different screen sizes. This allows customers to navigate the self-service portal of the software easily in order to submit IT inquiries or report IT problems.



  • Context-dependent inquiry forms for customers
    Serviceware has optimised the forms of helpLine 6.3 for ITSM, which allow companies to receive customer inquiries. The simple, clear form design helps customers enter their requests quickly and easily. The information is queried in a context-dependent format, enabling the automatic dispatch of related questions to the customers. These standardised questions ensure that all relevant information is captured.
  • Upgraded news function
    The helpLine portal displays provides customers with important information, e.g. informative articles that are related to their inquiry, or information about IT errors. The news are automatically generated based on customer queries and presented in a context-dependent system. IT Service staff can also use the news function for their own purposes, e.g. to highlight important pending tasks or deadlines.
  • Communication process between customers and service agents
    helpLine 6.3 offers easy, direct communication in the inquiry environment. A comfortable chat functions allows customers to communicate directly with service staff. Both parties always have a clear overview of their communication via the message history.