Field Service Management at Wiener Wohnen

Wiener Wohnen optimizes customer communication with the help of the field service management solution Serviceware

The enterprise Stadt Wien – Wiener Wohnen is the office of the municipality of the city of Vienna and it is Europe’s biggest communal property management. Wiener Wohnen manages and refurbishes approximately 220000 council flats all over Vienna. Maintenance and improvement of these facilities are some of the key tasks of Wiener Wohnen.

Stadt Wien – Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH (WRWKS for short) is a subsidiary of Wiener Wohnen and supports the owner representative with various services.

Since 2013 WRWKS has a customer service department for building physics which helps with the management of mold cases in the council flats. Tenants of Wiener Wohnen report around 6500 cases of mold each year, be it a bathtub joint or a stain on the wall. In order to manage and control this large number of cases more quickly and efficiently, the customer service for building physics has been using the customer and field service management solution Serviceware since 2014.

Wiener Wohnung setzt Serviceware ein

Goals of customer service optimization

There were three factors that the customer service for building physics was keen on for the optimization of their services: responding to tenants as fast as possible, resolving cases on short notice, and creating reliable documentation.

Serviceware supports residential advisors with the seamless management of appointment scheduling and coordination. With the help of the app, their teams can access the software to guarantee spotless documentation of their visits including uploads of images – even while on the go. “Our documentation is now 100% complete. Every report has a standardized protocol, photos are available on demand, and all information can be assessed in one neat package,” says Philipp Powazka, team leader at WRWKS.

Additionally, the service team does not have to bother with distributing files internally since all data can be accessed by all employees at all times in a centralized manner. That way, the back office can easily process reports and hand out further assignments.

Field Service bei Wiener Wohnen

Using big data profitably

One of Servicware’s additional advantages is its comprehensive reporting which allows for access to a plenitude of key figures. “The key figures prove that the speed of request management has increased many times over,” Powazka says. The numbers also display cases of recurrence at the push of a button.

Another useful feature: already managed reports are filed together with possible solution approaches. Not only can you see how many reports of a certain kind have already been filed, but you can furthermore find a faster solution in case a similar report comes up. “All these advantages are great, however, our main focus is still to provide the best possible consulting to our customers in order to maintain our buildings and their value,” Powazka explains.


Surpassing service level agreements (SLAs) regularly

Service level agreements are common in many companies and they are generally used to maintain a certain service quality. WRWKS is also subject to such agreements. “We document the time it takes from receiving a report until first processing, the time until a tenant receives a notification, and furthermore how long an appointment took,” explains Christoph Scheichel, requirements engineer and service manager at WRWKS. “Last  month, our customers only had to wait an average of four hours to schedule an appointment. According to our SLAs, by that I mean our regular agreements on service quality, we are required to schedule an appointment within 48 hours,” he continues.

The appointments themselves also happen faster, often within a mere two to three days. This is thanks to quick mobile processing which allows the residential advisors for building physics to make up to seven visitations per day.


Zentrale Service Steuerung mit Serviceware

Templates for letters to tenants

Apart from several solutions, the software also provides templates for letters to tenants. These letters inform tenants about appointments for on-site inspections, the current status of a given report, as well as the results of inspections. Serviceware is connected to SAP as a central system for tenant management. Additionally, appointment reminders are sent to tenants via text.

“Serviceware is a perfect fit for us. The web-based software offers optimal web support, builds on workflows, has a module for planning, and scores points when it comes to design and clarity. The whole package just fits,” Powazka says.



Digitization on one platform

Serviceware is a module of the so called enterprise service management platform (ESP) of Serviceware. Starting at the receival of a customer request going all the way to the successful resolution, all service process are continuously automated and digitized on one platform.